The following areas we hire in are:


If you have education or experience in the flooring industry or related fields, and are an organized individual who is good with numbers and sales, we would like to hear from you!
Our busy flooring store needs someone who is dedicated, decisive, detail oriented and personable. This position revolves around measuring, closing sales, having a thorough knowledge of products, and installation techniques and an understanding of the residential and commercial construction industry.

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If you have installed ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, or glass tiles we would like to hear from you! We are looking for organized individuals who understand the mechanics of installing floor, wall, and ceiling tile. Being good with numbers and people are also key assets. If you are confident that you can showcase your talent through your work then give us a call.

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Sales & Design

Sales and design team members are responsible for providing exceptional customer service, driving sales, qualifying customers, executing design consultations, putting together design concepts and recommendations for flooring for any space in the home. Sales and design team members use strong customer relationship skills, math skills, are enthusiastic, personable and have education in interior decorating and design principles. Previous experience with social media and knowledge in flooring is an asset.

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Warehousing *Currently Hiring*

This position requires someone who has good time management, is organized, has good work ethic, is a self starter and has a clean driving record. This position is manual labour focused with a fair bit of lifting, and operation of a tow motor and delivery truck. Previous experience and knowledge in math and measurements are an asset.

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