Grand Valley Tile has a tremendous array of products and samples. Below is a list of the types of floors we carry!

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Hardwood, Laminate and Cork floors all have special requirements necessary for the proper care and maintenance of these products. Stone and other types of tile require different techniques to maintain. Educating you on how to take care of your new floor is of the utmost importance to us.

If you have any questions about how to take care of your floor you should Click Here! You will find helpful tips for taking care of your new floor!


Area Rugs

Make a statement piece by customizing a rug to your desired shape and dimensions!

All you have to do is pick out a carpet you like – solid or patterned. We’ll bind or serge the edges of the carpet with a complimentary thread, or for a more traditional look add a fringe or tassels.

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Bamboo is an eco-friendly grass that has regrowth every 4 to 6 years and is naturally moisture resistant.

Its coloring can range from a soft honey to darker colors which is achieved by heating the bamboo so the sugars caramelize. Composite bamboo is a very hard surface that is twice as hard as red oak.



Carpeted floors are so warm and luxurious to stand on. Quality, function, and durability in addition to color, style, and texture influence the performance and appearance of carpet.

Fibers can be natural (wool) and man-made (nylon, polypropylene, and polyester) of which each has different performance characteristics. Today’s styles are decorative with patterns and colors.

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Ceramic & Porcelain

Ceramic tile, generally identified by its red clay content, is a very economical option for floors, walls and counter tops.
Porcelain tile is considerably stronger because of its finer bisque, finishes, and firing methods.

Full color body porcelain are great for interior use as well as exterior applications as it is more resistant to extreme temperatures.



Cork is a beautiful and environmentally sustainable choice. It has a natural, random appearance that is comfortable under foot and warm to the touch. Cork is a natural insulator, reduces noise and is hypoallergenic.

Cork is an excellent product that is an ideal floor for basements, family rooms and kitchens.

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Hardwood is a significant investment in the beauty of your home. Solid hardwood comes in a multitude of widths and stain colors. If a really wide plank is desired, an engineered hardwood is recommended so less expansion and contraction occurs.

Hardwood finishes can be pristine like furniture or more dramatic like wire brushed or hand scraped. The options are endless!



Today’s laminate flooring combines beauty with high durability.

They can mimic the look and texture of hardwood in both a fine finish and a hand-scrape extremely well. So well, that it is hard to distinguish the two at first glance. Laminates often have life time warranties because they do not stain, are easy to maintain, and are wear, scuff, & fade resistant.



Inspired by the quality of fine Italian leather, leather floors redefine contemporary. This is a sensual and affordable product that provides a distinctive look to a room. Leather flooring is made up of 100% recycled leather from coats, belts, handbags and is perfected to withstand the test of time.

Leather, a superbly rich and luxurious alternative for the floor.

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Natural Stone

There’s nothing like the natural beauty of stone - no two pieces are alike! Stone can come in a wide variety of sizes, textures and colors as well as mosaic patterns.

When choosing natural stone, protection and care are important. Sealing the stone and cleaning it with a natural stone cleaner will preserve the floor as it wears over time. Natural stone floors can last forever!

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Vinyl is a softer choice and it's budget friendly too. Come by our showroom and have a look at our great selection of vinyl floors. We definitely have something that you will like for a great price!

We also have a large selection of Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles that will give you a hardwood or tile look with all the benefits of vinyl. Our talented in house designers will help you out with your selection today!



Miracle Sealants has a complete line of products for your tile, stone, grout and masonry needs.

If you're installing natural stone you need to get on board with some great sealants and solutions. These products are part of what makes a good installation a great and long-lasting investment!

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