You can’t beat real hardwood. It’s beautiful. And like natural stone it has that natural beauty that only nature can create.

With a variety of different species including Oak, Maple, Birch, Ash, Hickory, Walnut, Pine, Acacia, and others, we have a very wide range of products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for that rustic look or something completely classic, there’s many different board widths, lengths, finishes, colours, and designs to choose from. Our suppliers have sourced products from the world over but some of our most popular hardwood options are made right here in Canada from trees grown here in Canada too.

Engineered vs Solid?

There’s what’s known as solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. Simply put, solid hardwood flooring is constructed of one solid piece of hardwood. Engineered hardwood is constructed in layers. The top layer is one solid piece of hardwood which can sometimes be up to ¼” thick. The other layers are constructed (usually in plies or fillet strips) of wood. The reason for engineering the hardwood flooring plank with multiple layers is that it provides greater dimensional stability. Simply put, the engineered hardwood flooring plank does not expand or contract as much when exposed to excessive moisture or dryness. In our Ontario climate we tend to get humid summers and dry winters. As a general rule you won’t find hardwood flooring planks over 5 inches wide in a solid format sold in our market. Anything 5” wide and above will almost certainly be an engineered hardwood product. In any case, solid or engineered, they are both considered real hardwood flooring and in many cases engineered hardwood flooring is considered the superior product.

Custom floor vents made to match your hardwood also available.

Please see our hardwood products listed below.

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