Home is Where the Heart is

Home is where you come back to at the end of the day and where you start every morning. It’s a special place to you and it’s important for us to help you achieve your goals there. We specialize in residential projects and are working in a number of different homes across the region on any given day of the year. Whether it’s a larger project like a kitchen renovation or an addition to your home or a smaller project like a backsplash or an area rug. Big or small, we’re happy to assist you with whatever project you’re working on at the time. Our staff will work with you to achieve your desired results, stay within your budget, and help make your home your favourite place.


We also work directly with a growing number esteemed renovation companies, home builders, and insurance companies. We’ve maintained an excellent relationship with these companies, some spanning decades. Many of the projects we’ve worked on have gone on to win awards. We are set up to handle large projects like mass builders with entire subdivisions, meticulous and unique projects like completely custom designed super-high-end homes, and smaller projects like smaller home renovations in just one room.

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We've been proudly serving the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas for over 60 years.