Interior Designers

Multiple different interior designers visit our showroom every single day. The reason for this is our high level of customer service paired with our unmatched selection of high-quality flooring, tile, and countertop products. We've carefully curated a selection of high-end exclusive lines that you wont find anywhere else in the region. You'll be sure to impress your clients when bringing them into our showroom.

Our friendly Sales and Design team knows our showroom inside and out and can help you pull together samples effortlessly. Any products that you need samples of that are not currently in our showroom can be immediately ordered in for you as we have accounts with all major flooring, tile, and countertop manufacturers. However, our showroom selection is extensive so you'll probably find everything you're looking for right here.

We have multiple work surfaces for designers to plug in their laptops and lay out their floor plans, renderings, flooring, tile, countertops, cabinets, paint chips, fabric swatches, and other samples. We even have private meeting rooms for designers to meet with their clients in private and discuss project details. Or you can just plug in your laptop, log onto our Wi-Fi, and get some independent work done. Need a latte? Just ask.

Our amazing team of flooring estimators and project managers will provide pricing, stock checks and product lead times, and schedule the installation work for your projects. They are here to ensure that the procurement, scheduling, and installation for your projects stay on time and on budget. Our team identifies flooring and tile related issues in the design phase and suggests solutions early on in the project rather than wait until later and risk project delays.

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